Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Third party liability cover is compulsory by law for every driver. In addition to the required by law cover, Cosmos offers Full Comprehensive and Fire & Theft cover.

Third Party Liability Cover

  • The insured vehicle can be driven by any driver over twenty three (23) years of age and not over the age of seventy (70) holder of a valid normal driving license for a period over than two (2) years and he/she is driving with the permission of the policyholder.
  • 24/7 road assistance & Road Accident care.
  • Driving any other car (saloon). *Not available for foreigners and for drivers with less than 3 years driving experience (that is having a normal driving license for 3 years) that hold normal driving license less than 3 years
  • Passenger protection.
  • Off the road extension.
  • Windscreen and Glasses cover up to €350 (free for saloon vehicles only.Available for Commercial vehicles with some additional cost)
  • Trailer extension. 

Third Party Fire & Theft Cover

  • Cover for Third party liability (see above) with extension to cover damages to the insured vehicle as a result of fire and/or theft

Full Comprehensive Cover

  • Third party liability cover.
  • Loss or damage to the insured vehicle*.
  • Passenger liability.
  • Off the road extension.
  • Driving other car (damage to third party only).
  • Windscreen and Glasses up to €850.
  • 24/7 Road Assistance & Road Accident care.
  • Cover for storm, thunderstorm, flood, earthquake and other natural perils.
  • Riots.
  • Replacement with a new car when the vehicle has been stolen and not found or if its damages are more than the 50% of its value (valid only for vehicles up to 1 years old).
  • Driver’s Personal Accident (up to €13.000).

*Please note that certain excesses apply